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TapTap the Smart Fidget 

This tiny fidget packs 5 huge games into its palm-sized board. Whether you’re just tap tap-tapping or playing to win, this smart new gamer keeps your fingers on the pulse

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  • Product Description

    Combine the fun of finger-tapping fidgets with the lure of high technology and you get the latest innovations from Flycatcher Toys! TapTap is a completely new line of irresistible fidget toys that sync play and learning using proven high-tech and high-touch play patterns. Small, but mighty, each TapTap is made to fit into the palm of a child’s hand. Fun comes in all sizes.

  • Features
    • TapTap the all new smart fidget!
    • 5 games to play including Stop&Go, Raindrops, Eat Greens, Match it, Copy That!
    • Tiny palm-sized device 
    • Improve focus, memory, critical thinking, small motor skills and hand/eye coordination
Smart Fidget Toy for Kids
Smart Fidget Toy for Kids
Includes 5 high-tech, high-touch games! Great for kids who love to fidget!
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