Real Littles

Real Littles S9 Scented Backpack Single Pack

Real Littles - Scented Surprise Micro Backpacks. Soft, fluffy, cute food and animal themed Micro Backpack with 5 scented real working micro stationery surprises inside! 6 to collect.

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  • Product Description
    Discover the world of Real Littles Scented Surprise Micro Backpacks, where tiny meets trendy and surprises inside are the cutest food and animal themed bags. Each micro backpack has a treasure trove of 5 real working micro stationery surprises themed around yummy food. 
    Each backpack theme promises a unique sensory adventure. Collect all 6 food-themed micro backpacks, each in different colors and finishes, to discover the stationery surprises that lie within.
    These Real Littles Backpacks are practical, with a handy clip for attaching to school bags or jeans, making them the perfect accessory for on-the-go fun. Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

  • Features

    Real Littles Scented Backpacks - Cute, tiny backpacks that smell delicious and really work!

    Real Littles Scented Backpacks are filled with REAL mini collectible scented stationery surprises! 

    Find 5 scented stationery surprises that really work!

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