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Real Littles Desktop Caddies Mini Fridge

Real Littles Desktop Caddies Mini Fridge with 20+ real Working Stationery Surprises Inside! Stationery looks like food and drinks with 20+ surprises inside to discover!

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  • Product Description

    Discover the NEW Desktop Caddy in the Real Littles range this season! Surprise in Disguise! Is it a fridge or a pen holder? This Mini Fridge is "Super Cool!" All the real working micro stationery in this cute little fridge is in the shape of food, drinks and other items you would find in a refrigerator!

    Open up the door of the fridge and freezer. Among some of the tiny surprises -  Is it a juice bottle or a pen? Is it an ice box or a tape dispenser? There are erasers, paper clips, pencil sets, there is even a cute drink-can pencil sharpener! Decorate the fridge with the stickers!

    Kids will be amazed at all these real working stationery surprises. There are 20+ surprises to explore! The Real Littles Fridge Desk Caddy is an adorable edition to any kids desk!

  • Features
    • Real Littles Desktop Caddies Surprise in Disguise! Cute, tiny stationery storage that really works!
    • Real Littles Desktop Caddy looks like a super cool fridge but it is filled with 20+ surprises!
    • Kids will be really surprised: is it a juice bottle or a pen? Is it an ice box or a tape dispenser? They will find real working stationery that are shaped as food and drinks!
    • Kids can use their Real Littles Desktop Caddy to tidy up their desk and store so many things!
    • Includes real working pencil sharpener in the form of a drink can

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