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Real Littles Journal Collection

Real Littles Journals now have secret surprises hidden on the journal cover. Real Littles Journals come with a Lock and Key  Each Journal has 3 surprises. Plus 50 printed pages inside! Collect all 4 themes.

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  • Product Description

    Real Littles Journals now have secret surprises! On each Journal cover, look for the secret surprise! Each adorable designer Journal comes with a Lock and Key.

    When kids open up their Real Littles Journal, they will discover other micro surprises hiding inside! Wow! These surprises are so tiny and really work! Each Journal has 3 surprises that match the Journal's theme!

    There is plenty of room so kids can write their own special secrets with 50 printed pages inside! There are 4 themes to collect across Series 7: Princess, Unicorn,  Boba Bear, Popsi-cool. Collect them all!

  • Features
    • Real Littles Journals - Cute, tiny Journals that really work!
    • Real Littles Journals have secret surprises hidden on each journal cover. Look for the secret surprise!
    • Each Journal has a Lock and Key to keep kids' secrets safe! Each Journal has 3 Surprises. 
    • Kids can write all their secrets inside! 50 pages to write on! All pages are printed with beautiful matching themes that relate to the Journal's design. 
    • 4 Journals to collect across Series 7 with themes such as Princess, Unicorn, Boba Bear, Popsi-cool.
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