Monster Jam

Monster Jam Dirt Squad

Build your own Monster Jam courses with the official 1:64 scale die-cast Dirt Squad vehicles! 

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  • Product Description

    With characterised creature details, a tail hook and moving parts, the Dirt Squad bring the hard-working behind-the-scenes Monster Jam vehicles to life. Set up your Monster Jam course and with help from the Dirt Squad’s steamroller, excavator and plow vehicles, build your ramps and jumps for awesome Monster Jam action!

    Push Wedge and plow through , roll it out with Rolland and dig with Dugg’s excavator claw. Pull off epic stunts and run your course using any 1:64 Monster Jam die-cast truck from your collection! When your trucks tumble or crash, hook the tail of a Dirt Squad vehicle onto your Monster Jam truck and tow it away, just like you’ve seen in the live shows!

    Collect all of the 1:64 scale Monster Jam Dirt Squad vehicles and create your own Monster Jam events right at home!

  • Features
    • MONSTER JAM TRUCK WITH MOVING PARTS: The Dirt Squad brings the heroes of Monster Jam to life! With creature details and a moving wedge, roller or claw, these 1:64 scale vehicles are the real deal!
    • USE WITH MONSTER DIRT: Build your own Monster Jam course with help from the Dirt Squad and Monster Dirt (sold separately)! Plow with Wedge, roll it out with Rolland and dig with Dugg’s claw!
    • COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all of the Dirt Squad vehicles (each sold separately)! Tow your 1:64 scale Monster Jam trucks after a crash – hook them onto the tail, just like you’ve seen in live shows!
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