Monster Jam

Monster Jam 1:64 Megalodon's Loop of Doom Playset

Unleash the beast of action with the Monster Jam Megalodon Loop of Doom Stunt Playset! It's a jaw-dropping, gravity-defying experience ripped straight from the roaring arenas of Monster Jam events. Just as Monster Jam trucks captivate millions with their raw power and daring stunts, this playset brings that same electrifying energy right to your fingertips.

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  • Product Description
    Feel the roar of the crowd as you send the exclusive 1:64 scale Megalodon truck, with its authentic metal details, thundering through the loop. It's the kind of heart-pounding spectacle Monster Jam fans live for! But Monster Jam isn't just about the thrill, it's about the challenge. Adjust the playset's difficulty to keep pushing the limits, just as real Monster Jam drivers do in the arena.

    And once the day's action wraps up, park Megalodon in the crow's nest, echoing the grandeur of its victory laps. The perfect gift for every kid who's felt the surge of excitement watching Monster Jam trucks defy gravity, leap over obstacles, and pull off mind-bending stunts.
  • Features

    COMPLETE THE LOOP OF DOOM: Send your Megalodon die-cast truck soaring through a thrilling tidal wave loop. Watch your monster truck defy gravity, leap over obstacles, and reach the flag!

    ADJUST & CHALLENGE: This adjustable loop  playset is great for kids who love the thrill of a Monster Jam challenge! Dive into the world of Monster Jam trucks excitement!

    EXCLUSIVE DIE-CAST MEGALODON: Includes an exclusive 1:64 scale Megalodon monster truck with true metal details—a standout among toy cars and trucks!

    CROW'S NEST STORAGE: After the action, store Megalodon in the crow's nest, ready for the next big jump.

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