Littlest Pet Shop is back!

Celebrating the launch of Generation 7 - in NZ Toy stores this May!

  • EST. 1992
    The Nostalgia is Real

    Littlest Pet Shop has a rich history and has been a much loved toy since its creation back in 1992, lets take a look at the history of Littlest Pet Shop!

  • The History of Littlest Pet Shop

    Originally developed by Kenner in 1992 with realistic looking mini pets, it was then acquired by Hasbro and revived and redesigned in 2005 to be more cartoony - with big vulnerable eyes in Generation 1.

  • Generation 2 was considered the "Golden Age" of LPS according to fans and collectors. The Pets had bright colours, sparkly details, and there were even fantasy pets! There was a redesign in 2012 for Generation 3 which was very stylised. Generation 4 were very expressive and full of character. Generation 5 reverted back to Generation 2 styling. There have been over 3,000 figurine variants in the lifetime of LPS. Now here we are in 2024 with Generation 7 launching in NZ stores in May, we think it encompasses all the best designs and elements fans love about Littlest Pet Shop.

  • For the love of Games
    Littlest Pet Shop Games

    From LPS Digital pets in the 90's, Nintendo DS games and online virtual world's in the 2000's. Now Littlest Pet Shop has it's very own Roblox game! It launched at the end of 2023 for a new generation of fans! You can collect famed pets, build your dream collection, and play with your friends! Plus each toy you purchase comes with a special code to unlock exclusive pets and unveil surprises in the Roblox game!

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