Littlest Pet Shop
A new generation of Littlest Pet Shop; Series 1 Generation 7 is out now!
  • Watch Now

    Collect a new generation of bobblin’ head pets with over 65 exciting new friends in series 1 available in toy stores now

  • Single Surprise Pack
    Single Surprise Pack

    Find x1 surprise Pet inside! Plus a code to use in the Roblox game.

  • Pets Got Talent Playset
    Pets Got Talent Playset

    Playset includes 2 pets, 1 playset, 4 accessories, 1 collector card, 1 virtual code and 1 collector’s guide.

  • Trio Pack
    Trio Pack

    Each tube includes 3 unique pets, 1 accessory, 1 collector card and 1 virtual code, 1 collector's guide.