Back To School

Head back to school in style with the coolest toys to show off on the playground

  • All New
    Real Littles

    Mini backpacks and Journals full of tiny stationery surprises that really work! Collect all NEW styles and clip them on to your backpack!

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  • Watch Now
    Akedo Mini Arcade Warriors

    The "Beast Strike" Single Packs include everything you need to level up your skill, strategy and abilities as you battle with your friends to become a legend of Akedo! The latest Beast Themed warriors are ready! Deal with Jungle Heart’s fearsome swipe; while Blood Paw releases his howling, beastly power using his fast striking claws and weapon!

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  • Collectibles
    Tech Deck Fingerboards

    Start Small, Go Big! Become a finger boarding pro with the latest Tech Deck skateboards, practise cool tricks with your mates!

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    L.O.L Surprise Loves CRAYOLA™ Colour Me Studio

    Bring out your inner artist! LOL Surprise has partnered with the iconic brand CRAYOLA™ to bring you the cutest, most colourful tots ever! Each tot matches a REAL Crayola™ colour and has accessories to match! Open the giant crayon capsule to find a full art studio, complete with accessories and paper fashions to design yourself!

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  • Fidget & Sensory Play
    Crazy Aarons Putty

    Check out the range of Crazy Aaron's Thinking putty and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder! Perfect for fidget and sensory play

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  • Crafty fun
    Cool Maker KumiKreator Bead & Braider

    Spin to create friendship bracelets and necklaces for you and your BFFs with the Cool Maker KumiKreator Bead & Braider! They’re so easy to use - take bracelet making to the next level and braid before your eyes with the Cool Maker KumiKreator Bead & Braider!

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