Zhu Zhu Pets

ZhuZhu Aquarium Fish

 Jump into a world of playful ZhuZhu Aquarium toys, straight from the creative tank of ZhuZhu Pets. Think of having a pet fish but without any of the mess. 

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  • Product Description

    These cool, motorized ZhuZhu Fish are all about fun, interaction, and zero mess. Watch as your ZhuZhu Fish zip across the floor, bringing a burst of color and heaps of fun to playtime.

    ZhuZhu Aquarium: These fish will be your new best friends!

    Meet Finnegan, the adorable Clown Fish; Lorelei, the perfectly pink Narwal; Talulla, the vibrant Mandarin Fish; Wesley, the colorful Blue Tang; Butch, the Blue Shark; and Flip, the Orca Whale. 

    ZhuZhu Aquarium land swimming fish are unique, quirky, and perfect for kids who want a pet but without the fuss. With their crazy, unpredictable moves and bright, plush designs, ZhuZhu Fish are sure to become your new best pals. 

  • Features

    No Water, No Mess – These ZhuZhu Fish zoom around on dry land. No water means no spills and no cleaning up – just pure fun without the mess!

    They zip around in their own funny and unpredictable ways, making every play moment a blast

    ZhuZhu Fish come in fantastic colors, just like real tropical fish, but cuddly! 

    Build Your Own World: Dive into the depths of your imagination and construct your own awesome sea adventure!
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