Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Ball

Jump into a world of playful ZhuZhu Aquarium toys, straight from the creative tank of ZhuZhu Pets. Get ready to ride the waves of laughter with the ZhuZhu Aquarium Fish Bubble and Surf Board Set! 

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  • Product Description

    This playful set brings a whole new level of excitement to your ZhuZhu Aquarium world. Watch in amazement as your ZhuZhu Fish take on the roles of surfer and bubble driver, zipping around with hilarious speed and style. Note that the fish is not included in this set. Perfect for kids who love action and silly fun. 

  • Features

    Watch Me Zoom – See your ZhuZhu Fish roll around inside the Fish Bubble or glide on the Surf Board. It's a sight filled with laughter and amazement as they zoom and whirl around.

    ZhuZhu Aquarium fish get even funnier with these zany accessories. Watch them 'drive' and 'surf' in their own quirky and delightful way

    Dive into the depths of your imagination and construct your own awesome sea adventure with ZhuZhu Aquarium play sets! Set up coral reefs, craft cool sea tunnels, and make a whole underwater kingdom for your ZhuZhu Fish to explore.

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