Unicorn Academy

Unicorn Academy Rainbow Light-Up Wildstar 

Discover your destiny with Unicorn Academy Rainbow Light-up Wildstar! Inspired by the NETFLIX animated show and best-selling book series, this 11-inch interactive unicorn responds to touch with rainbow lights, sound effects and songs from the show!

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  • Product Description

    Featuring light-up Light Magic markings, rainbow mane and tail, and more, kids can recreate the magical bonding moment with Wildstar from the show. Rub Wildstar’s face, touch her horn, and pull her reins to see her react! As your bond builds, Wildstar’s white lights shine brighter, changing to rainbow when you’ve earned her trust. Hold her face to complete the bond and you’ll hear Wildstar celebrate with the show’s theme song! After bonding, hold Wildstar’s face to replay music, touch her horn for guiding light and more! Pose Sophia (doll sold separately) and ride into adventure! Expand your Unicorn Academy world with the fashion dolls and unicorns (each sold separately). For kids who enjoy unicorns and horse toys, dolls & accessories, doll house play, collectibles, plush toys and more, Unicorn Academy toys are fun birthday gifts for girls or gifts for any occasion.

  • Features

    RESPONDS TO TOUCH WITH LIGHTS & SOUNDS: Girls can bond with Wildstar, like Sophia! She reacts to touch with magical lights & unicorn sounds (songs in English, French & German)! Includes 2 AA batteries.

    BOND WITH WILDSTAR: Pet her face, hold her horn, pull the reins – her markings glow rainbow when she trusts you! Hold Wildstar’s face to complete the bond & you’ll hear the show’s theme song!

    UNLOCK MORE PLAY: After bonding, discover another song, blast a defensive light & shine a guiding light with her horn & more! Pose Sophia (doll sold separately) on Wildstar to ride into adventure!

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