Unicorn Academy

Unicorn Academy Fashion Unicorn Assortment

Complete your Unicorn Academy doll collection with Isabel and Ava's unicorn, River and Leaf! Inspired by the NETFLIX animated show and best-selling book series where friendship reins, this 11-inch unicorn toy brings each unicorns personality to life, the unicorn features pearlescent magic markings on their side, majestic glittery horn, colorful mane and tail, and removable bridle and saddle doll accessories for added play.

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  • Product Description

    Gently move the Unicorns head to bring out their personalities and relive the magical bonding experience between unicorn and rider. Brush Leaf and Rivers soft manes and tails.Ride into adventure to protect Unicorn Island and its magic! For more ways to experience Unicorn Academy with your favorite characters, look for Sophia and Isabel dolls and their unicorns, Rainbow Light-up Wildstar and River (each sold separately)

  • Features

    OFFICIAL 11” UNICORN: Based on the popular NETFLIX show & best-selling kids books, unicorns comes to life with true-to-show details

    REALISTIC HEAD MOVEMENT: Move & rotate the Unicorns head to make their personality shine! 

    PAIR RIDER & UNICORN: Experience the magical bond between unicorn & rider! Ride into adventure, recreating pretend play stories inspired by the show!

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