Treasure X

Treasure X Dissection Aliens Mega Alien Dissection

Treasure X Mega Alien Dissection, 35 Plus Surprises Inside, Dissect  & Rescue, 4 Squishy, Stretchy, Oozy Compounds, Will you find REAL Gold Dipped Treasure?

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  • Product Description
    Introducing the NEW Treasure X Mega Alien Dissection, boasting a mega 35+ surprises inside! When kids unveil the colossal 30cm tall alien, they will discover 4 of the alien’s organs including its heart, eyeballs, guts, and brain.  Dissect each organ to unearth Alien Treasure Hunters encased in different oozy, squishy, stretchy compounds.  Rescue them from the galactic goo and swap the Hunter's body parts to create unique alien figures! Equip the Alien Hunters with 9 different weapons and accessories, so they can defend the galaxy! Also includes 7 cool alien stickers!  Will you find the 4 cosmic treasures including the Real Gold Dipped Treasure?
  • Features

    Embark on an "Out of this World" adventure with NEW Treasure X Alien Dissection.

    Standing at a MASSIVE 30cm, kids will be left with a colossal task unearthing the surprises within! 

    An adventure of epic proportions, with over 35 surprises to uncover!

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