Magic Mixies

Magic Mixies Pixlings Marena The Mermaid 

Your child can create a potion that reveals a Magical Pixling! Mix the magic ingredients in the bottle and reveal the beautiful Pixling doll - Marena The Mermaid Pixling! 3 different Pixlings to create and collect. Who will they magically create?

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  • Product Description

    Your child will be spellbound as they enter the enchanted realm of the Magic Mixies Pixlings and create a magic potion that reveals the magical Pixling Marena! From a land where potions flow from waterfalls and fountains, girls can mix their own special potion to magically reveal this beautiful Pixling doll. 

    To create their potion, combine water with the included magical ingredients in the Potion Bottle. The potion will swirl and mix to become a deep dark blue color within the bottle. Then say the magic words, turn and press the Crystal Gem. Before their eyes the blue potion becomes clear, magically revealing Marena The Mermaid Pixling inside the bottle! Marena is deep and thoughtful and has the sweetest heart. Her Potion Power is "Love"!

    There are 3 different Pixlings for girls to magically create and collect! Each 6.5" doll has 7 points of articulation with long brushable hair, a mystical pearl gem on their forehead, softgood fashions with iridescent finishes and crafted shoes!

  • Features
    • Mix your potion and a Pixling doll will magically appear!
    • Add the magical ingredients and watch as your elixir becomes a deep blue colour inside the bottle, then turn and press down on the Crystal Gem topper…
    • Say the magic words "MAGICUS MIXUS" and prepare to witness real magic! Before your eyes the blue potion will turn clear, magically revealing a Pixling inside the bottle! 
    •  Marena The Mermaid Pixling is poseable with 7 points of articulation. She has rooted long hair, a softgood skirt and detailed shoes.
    •  The Pixlings' potion bottle includes a doll stand allowing the Pixling doll to be posed and displayed.
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