Magic Mixies
Get ready to make real magic and discover the world of Magic Mixies! There is so much enchantment in store and adorable magical friends to adore!
Enter the Shimmerverse of the Magic Mixies Pixlings!
Enter the Shimmerverse of the Magic Mixies Pixlings!
From a land where potions flow from waterfalls and fountains, Pixlings spread magic moments and joy! Mix their own special potion to magically reveal a beautiful Pixling doll. There are all new Pixlings to magically create and collect.
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Real Magic Returns with all NEW Magic Mixies

Magic Mixies Mixlings Masquerade Party
Magic Mixies Mixlings Masquerade Party
Stir up some fun with the latest Magic Mixies Mixlings Magicus Party Cauldron! With a Confetti Fizz Unboxing. Discover over 30 new Mixlings to create and collect! ✨Get ready for REAL MAGIC!
Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp
  • Interactive

    Make real magic with the Magic Mixies Interactive range! Watch as your Mixie appears from the real mist! Then get ready for hours of fun with your new interactive pet!

  • Magic Mixies Mixlings
    Magic Mixies Mixlings

    Experience REAL MAGIC with the New Magic Mixies Mixlings. Watch in wonder as your magic wand reveals their real magic power!

  • Magic Mixies Pixlings
    Magic Mixies Pixlings

    Mix the magic ingredients in the bottle and reveal the beautiful Pixling doll!