Nostalgia Alert - Retro Toys Are Back!

We've brought back the classics! These toys will give you a trip down memory lane. Below is a list of timeless toys from brands that never go out of style - The nostalgia is real.

  • The New Empire

    Our favourite titans, Godzilla and Kong are back and better than ever! Unbox the thrill with our range of action figures available in stores now! Let's bring home the excitement before the launch of the new film Godzilla x Kong The New Empire. Make your collection roar with these awesome Figures.

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  • It's Back
    Barrel of Monkeys

    What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? This beloved Barrel of Monkeys game has a modern, redesigned look with all of the classic charm of the original game. Featuring a new monkey facial expressions and colours, with all of the classic charm of the original game.

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  • Passion 4 Fashion
    Bratz are Back

    The girlz with the Passion 4 Fashion Bratz dolls are making their return and are available in stores! Now you can have the iconic core 4 characters in all new fashions, hair, and makeup! Each doll has their own signature style in a SCORCHIN’ new head-to-toe look! The Always Bratz Pack continues to be obsessed with their passion for fashion!

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  • They're Back
    ZhuZhu Pets

    Taking it back to 2009 when ZhuZhu pets were first released! The electronic ZhuZhu hamster pets zoomed around the ground and were the hottest must have toy back then. Now they're back with an all new theme: Aquarium! Check out these new Zhu Zhu Pets based on aquatic animals! Where will you ZhuZhu Zhu-oom?

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  • The World's Favourite Hedgehog

    Get ready to add to your collection with the arrival of the newest figures and plushies of our beloved speedy blue hedgehog! Collect all the new figures and plush just landed in stores now!

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  • Kawaii Alert
    Hello Kitty Collab with LOL

    It's Hello Kitty's 50th Anniversary - and to celebrate L.O.L Surprise! have partnered with the iconic Hello Kitty for two LIMITED EDITION Tots. ⁣
    Collect both Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary LOL Surprise dolls: Miss Pearly and Crystal Cutie!

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  • Turtle Power
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    The classic Ninja Turtle shell-kicking collection is now available in toy stores. Did your mum throw away your old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures? Well fear not, because they're back! Based on the classic 80's style Turtles so you can relive the nostalgia of your youth!

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  • Collectibles
    Super Mario

    "It's a me, Mario!" Check out the exciting range of Super Mario Collectible figures just waiting to be added to your collection! With an array of your favourite characters available. Get ready to power up and boost your collection now!

  • I Choose You

    Pokemon is still going strong 25+ years later! Pass on your love of Pokemon to the next generation. Build your Pokemon collection with our range of figures and collectibles.

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  • 80's Revival
    Care Bears

    The Care Bears have been sharing their Care for over 40 years now! You'll love snuggling up with all your favourite Care Bears in their squishy new form!

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