Miniverse - The Newest Mini Food Crafting Craze!

This highly popular pocket-sized collectible brand that launched earlier this year is making its way into all major New Zealand toy stores!

MGA’s Miniverse is now available in all major New Zealand toy stores!  This pocket-sized collectible brand is perfect for those who love collecting mini food. The Miniverse Diner and Café Series lets you create realistic mini replica food and beverages from “scratch” with highly detailed, fully functional food items in every pack.

  • Creating mini food masterpieces has never been easier! With Make It Mini Food™ you can make delicious dishes in minutes, and it hardens in sunlight or UV light for permanent display. Get creative and make something fun and unique with all the detailed ingredients!

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  • Going Viral
    Taking Over Tik Tok

    Make It Mini Food combines the joy of DIY crafting and popularity of resin play with the craze of mini foods! Miniverse has taken Tik Tok by storm with over 1.1 Billion views on the hashtag #miniverse
    Be sure to check out the fun and oddly satisfying videos of peoples Miniverse creations, then have a go at making your own! Once you make one you’ll want to make them all!

While not edible, these innovative collectibles offer miniature lovers and food enthusiasts an engaging activity and adorable display to add to their mini collections. The Miniverse Café and Diner Series are packed with adorable mini food ingredients and kitchen accessories, all wrapped up in a surprise ball for you to unbox!

  • Follow the easy steps to create delicious looking culinary creations like a mint chocolate milkshake, strawberry waffles with whipped cream, or donuts!

Miniverse - Make It Mini Foods
Miniverse - Make It Mini Foods
Miniverse - Make It Mini Foods
The Cafe and Diner Series are out now in all good toy stores! Collect them All!
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