The Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Ultra Beast Single Pack

The Legends of Akedo Beast Strike ULTRA BEASTS with 360 Degree Spin Attack, New Battlespin Controller andi Battling Beast Action

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  • Product Description

    The World of Akedo has collided with the wrath of the beasts to create NEW "Ultra Beast" warriors to collect and fight with! From the wildest jungles to the deepest oceans, these warriors have come to battle and release their animal fury against their opponent! 

    Energized with animal instincts, these ULTRA BEASTS are SUPER SIZED and eager to unleash the wrath of their beastly attack!

    Do you have what it takes to master their beastly fighting styles and become a Legend of Akedo? Ready, Fight, Split Strike! 

  • Features

    Each pack includes 1 Akedo Beast Strike Battling Warrior and the ULTRA BEASTS NEW Battlespin Controller allows the beasts to spin and strike at rapid speed with their claws, jaws and tail! 

    Do you have the skill to strike them, making their armor explode off and even execute a SPLIT STRIKE as well? Or will their powerfully fast 360-degree Spin Attack feature be too strong? 

    There are 2 NEW Akedo Ultra Beasts for kids to collect.
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