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Tech Deck Handboard Santa Cruz

Carve out bigger tricks with the Tech Deck Handboards. With 9 times the size of a regular fingerboard, pull, use your hands to perform insane stunts.

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  • Product Description
    Laying 4.75 inches long and 2.75 inches wide, each one features legit graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world, including Santa Cruz, Finesse X Sonic the Hedgehog, World Industries and more. Made with die-cast trucks and detailed wheels, handboard in style for hours of fun, awesome for practicing hand-eye coordination. Perform real tricks just like you would on a real skateboard, anywhere. Tech Deck Handboards are intended for hands use only, not intended to hold the weight of any person like on a skateboard deck, longboard or penny board. Check out other Pro Series Boards or the Daily Grind Pack 2.0 finger skateboards for kids and adults. (Sold separately) Raise the standard with 2 obstacles for more ways to play and create your Tech Deck Skatepark for fingerboards. There are tons of Decks, toy figures & playsets to collect! Ride, flip, and grind with Tech Deck fingerboards and BMX from real skate companies!
  • Features

    Perform even bigger stunts with handboards being 9 times the size of your favorite Tech Deck fingerboards, laying over 4-inches long and over 2-inches wide.

    Tech Deck handboards are the only professional grade handboard with authentic graphics from the biggest brands in skateboarding such as Santa Cruz, DGK, and more

     Now with detailed wheels and die-cast trucks, perform the coolest tricks like you would on a skateboard. Complete tricks with hands only, not intended to use as a regular skateboard deck.

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