Squishmallows FuzzAMallows 12 Inch Plush Squad 18 Assortment

RRP $32.99

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  • Product Description
    Meet your new bestie! Each Squishmallow has its own unique name and bio found inside the hangtag. Squishmallows FuzzAMallows put a fuzzy twist on Squishmallows! Squeeze your Squishmallows anytime you need an energy boost, during a scary movie, or on a long flight. Will you join the Squad? 
  • Features
    • If it doesn't say official Squishmallows product, it's not the real thing. Look for our official seal and join the Squad
    • FuzzAMallows put a fuzzy twist on Squishmallows
    • Squishmallows are friends and come in a variety of personalities, sizes, and colors
    • Collect into Squishmallows extensions too, including FlipAMallows, HugMees, and Mystery Squad only by Original Squishmallows
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