Sky Viper

Sky Viper Force Hover Sphere

Gesture controlled drone that you control with the palm of your hand.  Flies itself.  No controller needed.

RRP $69.99

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  • Product Description

    Sky Viper Force Gesture-controlled Drone is a drone you can play with - without using a remote control! With motion sensors all over the drone, it can sense its surrounding.

    Once charged, toss the drone into the air for it to power on - it will hover in the air! With the movement of your hands towards the drone, you can push the drone to go in a certain direction or slow down to a stop. 

    Start with your hand over the drone and move it around until your hand is below the drone for a neat trick! A whole new way to fly a drone!

  • Features
    • Fly the drone without a remote control.
    • Toss to launch the drone - it will hover!
    • Motion senors used to push the drone to fly.
    • Move hand from over the hoving drone to under it for a stunt!
    • To turn off the drone, grab it and flip it upside-down.
    • Fly freestyle or play games by navigating obstacles or use the drone as a hovering target.
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