Misfittens Kittens Fishbowl

All new Misfittens Fishbowls!

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  • Product Description

    DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF MISFITTENS: Introducing the NEW MINI Misfittens Fishbowl Edition, a comical group of cats with an irresistible passion for fishbowls! These mischievous kitties believe that no fishbowl is too small for their playful antics, but once they've gotten themselves stuck, they need your help to break free! ADORABLE AND CUDDLY: Made from high-quality, plush materials, these Misfittens Fishbowl Edition cat toys are perfect for endless snuggles and imaginative play. Each cat is crafted with soft, squeezable material that makes them irresistible to hold and hug. SPARKS CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: Misfittens Fishbowl Edition encourages creative storytelling and imaginative play, as kids discover each cat's distinctive traits and create their own adventures in the whimsical world of Misfittens. COLLECT THEM ALL: With a variety of delightful cat characters to choose from, kids will love collecting the entire Misfittens Fishbowl Edition cast and creating a playful world filled with furry feline friends stuck in fishbowls! Each cat comes with its own unique fishbowl, providing endless entertainment for kids of all ages.

  • Features
    • All new adorable Fishbowl edition Misfittens cats
    • Soft cuddly plush
    • Collect them all! A variety of adorable new cat characters to choose from
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