Spidey and Friends

Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends Amazing Metals Diecast Vehicles Assortment

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  • Product Description

    Introducing the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Amazing Metals Die-Cast Vehicle featuring Ironman from the Disney Junior TV series.

    Made from metal die-cast and equipped with working wheels, this 3-inch vehicle is ready for adventure. Give each vehicle a push forward or backward and help him zoom off to save the day. Join Spidey, Ghost Spider, Spin, Iron Man and the Green Goblin on heroic missions with the Amazing Metals Vehicles and experience thrilling races to victory.

  • Features

    DIECAST VEHICLE: A 3-inch die-cast metal vehicle that comes with functioning wheels

    DISNEY JUNIOR: Enjoy playing with your diecast vehicle while watching the Disney Junior TV series, Spidey and His Amazing Friends

    ZOOM AND VROOM: Send each vehicle racing toward adventure by pushing the vehicle

    RACE YOUR VEHICLE: Join forces with Spidey and his friends to speed off and save the day

    COLLECT THEM ALL: Add all the Amazing Metals Vehicles of Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends to your Spidey collection

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