Living On The Veg

Living on the Veg 3-Inch StirFry Snackem Plush Assortment

Wok into the world of Living on the Veg, the home of the StirFry Snackemz! 

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  • Product Description

    Introducing our first snack-sized crop crew, an assortment of 8 crispy veggies that are always ready to stir things up (each sold separately). As an added bonus, each Snackem pack comes with a collectible vinyl sticker!

    The StirFry crop crew consists of Tarick Bok Choy, Brock Broccoli, Talula Mushroom, Blaise Chili Pepper, Harold Baby Corn, Joaquin Orange Pepper, Georgie Snap Peas and Ginger Ginger. Gather your harvest of all 8 StirFry Snackemz and track them with your collector’s guide. Made with fluffy, eye-catching, super-soft fabric, you'll want to collect a wok full!

  • Features

    Includes a snack-sized vegetable from the StirFrys crop crew.

    Each Snackem pack comes with a collectible vinyl sticker. 

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