Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets Needees Single Pack

Little Live Pets NeeDees. The interactive wearable take-anywhere pets that respond to care. Listen to their needs, respond in time and score NeeDee points! With over 50 sounds and reactions. Collect all 13 Needees.

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  • Product Description
    Introducing Little Live Pets NeeDees - Interactive, wearable friends here to bring kids endless hours of fun! NeeDees communicate through 4 distinct sounds to express their needs: Playful, Cold, Hungry, or Sleepy, and it's up to your child to care and respond to their NeeDee. Each response affects their score, encouraging timely care to improve it. 

    These pets come with over 50 sounds and reactions, offering interactive play with furry animals that have soft, flocked fur or you can even find an adorable turtle or chameleon! There are 13 characters to collect in Season 1, including the Limited Edition Golden Duck. 

    Wear them, care for them, and see how much happiness these little companions can bring into your child's life. Take on the challenge to see how many NeeDees you can care for!
  • Features

    Little Live Pets NeeDees. Interactive wearable pets that respond to care!

    Wear them, feed them, play with them and love them!

    Little Live Pet's NeeDees furry animals have soft flocked fur, and you can also discover an adorable turtle or chameleon!

    Each Little Live Pets NeeDee comes to life with over 50 sounds and reactions!

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