L.O.L. Surprise OMG Sweet Nails Doll

Create and design your own nails with all-new L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Sweet Nails™ 

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  • Product Description

    Discover the sweetest surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Sweet Nails™ including a drink mini fridge with counter, unique nail accessories, and vibrant, characters including fan-favourites Kitty K and Candylicious and brand new character Pinky Pops. All with colorful, shop inspired fashions and gorgeous hair! Help run the shop and unbox amazing surprises inside. First, open the mini fridge and reveal 24 themed nails that can be placed on UR own nails and decorated! Look closely at the nails to explore cute themed details! Then, discover 2 outrageously fun drinks; open the bottles and reveal two trendy nail polish colors to apply to the nails! Check out the adorable candy jar; then open to reveal REAL nail glitter! Now you are all set to get creative and customize your own nails – peel and press the nail adhesives, press on a set of nails, use the nail file to shape them, then paint them, and finish off your designs with glamorous glitter and stickers for more sweet, styling fun! When designing your nails, don’t forget to place your fingers on the finger grooves on the top of the nail station for greater stability! The fridge also serves as a nail display case to store and showcase your delightful treats when you’ve finished! . Collect all 3 unique Sweet Nails™ Shops: Kitty K Café™, Pinky Pops Fruit Shop™, and Candylicious Sprinkles Shop™ and create dozens of designs!

  • Features
    • CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR NAILS. Customize and create your own nails by peeling and pressing the nail adhesives, pressing on a set of nails, using the nail file to shape your nails, painting them, then finishing off your designs with glamorous glitter and dessert-themed stickers for more sweet, styling fun! 
    • UNBOX 15 SURPRISES. A nail station that doubles as an ice cream pop freezer to display press on nails, nail polishes designed to look like milkshakes, a candy jar that doubles to hold real nail glitter, a nail file to shape your nails before decorating, nail adhesives to stick on the nails, and nail stickers to decorate your nails!
    • DRESS & STYLE. your Fashion Doll in fabulous fashions and accessories including adorable clothes, stylish earrings, shoes, and her gorgeous hair all in her signature pastel colors!
    • EASY STORAGE AND DISPLAY. All nails can be neatly stored and displayed in the nail station to showcase UR beautiful nail designs!
    • COLLECT ALL 3 UNIQUE SWEET NAILS SHOPS. Kitty K Café, Pinky Pops Fruit Shop, and Candylicious Sprinkles Shop!
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