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Harry Potter Micro Magical Single Pack

Collect iconic Harry Potter movie moments with the Wizarding World Micro Magical Moments figures! Each blind box 1-Pack comes with a surprise 1.5-inch figure portraying a scene from Year 1 in the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, a clear Hogwarts portrait frame display case, and stand. 

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  • Product Description

    Unbox your figure and discover who’s inside. Will you find Hagrid with the birthday cake, Hermione learning the levitation spell or Harry at his first Quidditch match? There are 15 movie moments to collect from the Year 1 Series (toys each sold separately)!

    Every Micro Magical Moments figure features adorable details that bring the beloved Harry Potter characters to life on a small scale. Display your character on its stand, in the display case or stand it up on its own. The clear display cases all stack and connect, so you can build out your own unique displays and Wizarding World scenes!

  • Features
    • 1 SURPRISE HARRY POTTER FIGURE: In every 1-Pack, unbox a 1.5-inch figure, clear display case and stand. Adorable details make these tiny Harry Potter toys a must-have! Which character will you reveal?
    • 15 SURPRISE TOYS TO COLLECT: Discover characters depicting Year 1 scenes from the Sorcerer’s Stone – Harry’s first Quidditch match, Hagrid and the birthday cake, Hermione being sorted by the Sorting Hat and more!
    • STACK, CONNECT & DISPLAY: Each figure’s unique Hogwarts portrait frame case stacks and connects with all of the Micro Magical Moments mini toys (each sold separately). Build your own display!

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Which Wizard Are You?
Unbox your figure and discover who’s inside. Build out your own unique displays and Wizarding World scenes!
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