Gabby's Dollhouse Purrific Pool Playset

Get ready for purrrfect playtime with Gabby Girl’s Dollhouse Pool Playset! It comes with everything your little one needs to turn her dolls into Mermaids and brave adventurers! Dive right in and make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Product Description

    Get ready for some cat-tastic fun in the sun with Gabby and MerCat in the Gabby Girl’s Purr-ific Pool Playset!

    Join Gabby and MerCat, with their colour-changing mermaid tails, as they spend a fun-filled day out by the swimming pool! But, before heading out, first unbox your dollhouse delivery, just like Gabby does in the show, to reveal a surprise toy that will join in the adventure!

    After unboxing your dollhouse delivery, head to the pool and discover the hidden portrait of MerCat’s sister, Sunny Cat, in the giant clam beneath the slide! Put on Gabby’s mermaid tail before climbing up the ladder to the top of the slide. Then, give Gabby and MerCat a quick squirt of warm water using the Squiddy Kitty squirter, to activate their awesome colour-changing mermaid tails.

    Afterwards, slide down the splish and splash into the water below! After a few trips up and down the slide, Gabby can remove her mermaid tail and lounge on the pool floats with MerCat, as they spend the rest of the day relaxing out by the pool! Kids will love re-creating their favourite pool-side scenes from the Gabby’s Dollhouse series with Gabby and MerCat.

    For even more exciting pretend play adventures, connect the slide ladder to the upper floor of Gabby’s Dollhouse and start a pool party with the rest of Gabby and MerCat’s Meow-mazing kitty friends, like Cakey Cat and Pandy Paws! (Dollhouse and additional figures sold separately) 

  • Features

    EXCLUSIVE GABBY AND MERCAT FIGURES: Gabby and MerCat look just like they do in the show, dressed in their super-cute swimming outfits, and ready for some Meow-mazing poolside adventures!

    COLOUR CHANGING MERMAID TAILS: Squirt Gabby and MerCat with water, from Squiddy Kitty, to activate their color-changing tails, before speeding down the swimming pool slide to make a splash!

    POOLSIDE PLAYTIME ADVENTURES: Spend the day catching some rays with Gabby and MerCat as they slide and splash, or lounge in pool floats, enjoying some well-deserved chill time in the Purr-ific pool!

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