Despicable Me

Despicable Me 4 The Ultimate Fart Blaster

Despicable Me 4 The Ultimate Fart Blaster. Blasts out REAL fog fart rings. Plays 15 different fart sounds. Lights up and emits smells. It includes 2 different scented Fart Formulas.

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  • Product Description
    Your favorite Minions gadget of all time has taken a new look and a new smell!  For the first time ever, this blaster not only has over 15 fart sounds but it also shoots  fog rings, has a chamber that lights up so you can see the gassy action, and it smells! Pick from stinky smell or banana scent, just like the Minions like it-BANANA! It creates and blasts out REAL fog fart rings that float up to 1.8 m away! From the smallest "Squeaker" to the loud and alarming "Clear the Room!" fart sound, this toy is loaded for laughs! This Blaster nearly hits all the senses, you could say it's a REAL blast! 
  • Features

    Blasts out REAL fog fart rings that float up to 1.8m away! 

    The Ultimate Fart Blaster plays over 15 different sounds, children won't want to stop until they hear all different fart sounds.

    The Ultimate Fart Blaster actually emits scents for kids to get a whiff.

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