Decora Girlz

Decora Girlz Mystery Boxes 

Discover the vibrant Decora Girlz 5" Collectible Mystery Dolls, each doll showcasing the lively Decora trend with themed outfits and sticker accessories.

RRP $31.99

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  • Product Description
     This collection features dolls with stunning, colorful hair and layered, patterned outfits, complemented by a range of playful accessories and customizable stickers. Explore the first series with nine unique and collectible 5" dolls.
  • Features

    Diverse Collection: With 9 distinct Decora Girlz to collect

    With colorful hair, patterned outfits, and customizable stickers

    Colorful and Playable Hair: Enjoy endless styling with soft, fully rooted nylon hair in fun hairstyles.

    Surprise in Every Pack: Unveil a doll, a chic outfit, accessories, sticker sheets and more

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