Bluey Family Home Playset

Recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show in the Bluey Family Home playset!

RRP $110.99

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  • Product Description

    Big in size and features, this enormous toy playset is full moulded details with opening doors. and a large wall panel that pulls down to form an amazing outdoor patio! There is plenty of space for Bluey and her family to play in with four different rooms - a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

    With many pieces of removable furniture including 2 beds, 2 stools, 2 sofas, 2 rugs, a bathtub, toilet, dining room counter and fridge, there is plenty to do in this beautiful home! Add more fun to the home with the whole family by collecting Bluey Family 4 Pack (sold separately).

  • Features
    • 1 x Bluey Figure
    • 10 x Furniture Items
    • 1 x House Playset
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