Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! Surprise Plush Pets

Adopt Me! 5 inch Surprise Plush - 12 Styles - Fun Collectible Toys for Kids Featuring Your Favorite Adopt Me Pets

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  • Product Description

    Bring to life the highly desirable and sought-after pets from the #1 game, Adopt Me!

    Collect the different Adopt Me eggs which will give you a clue as to which pet you will reveal. Un-wrap the egg as it is ready to hatch and reveal your collectible Surprise Plush pet! Which pet will you adopt? Series 1 includes Giraffe, Dragon, Penguin, Toucan and more! There is even a legendary light-up Diamond Unicorn chase to collect!

    As an added bonus, every Surprise Plush pet includes an exclusive Virtual Item Code! These 5 inch collectible plush pets range in rarity from common to legendary and are perfect for playing, cuddling, and displaying. Collect them all! 

  • Features
    • SURPRISE REVEAL Each collectible egg is ready to hatch and reveal an Adopt Me plush pet 
    • EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL CODE Redeem your Adopt Me UGC virtual item code; 12 total 
    • FUN COLLECTIBLES Collect pets straight from Adopt Me like the Leopard Cat, Silly Duck and 10 more  
    • RARE CHASE PLUSH Collect the Diamond Unicorn plush that lights up 
    • COLLECT THEM ALL Series 1 features 12 plush pets that are brand new and perfect for collecting 


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