Rainbow High
Let your true colours shine with Rainbow High. The Colourful modern fashion doll brand that encourages creativity, celebrates diversity, and embraces inclusivity!

Rainbow High Fantastic Fashions

  • Let your true colours shine
    Let your true colours shine

    For the first time ever, you can get the gowns designed by your favourite Rainbow High Dolls in Season 1 of the Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube and Netflix

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    Get The Latest Looks!
    These showstopping outfits will have everyone turnings heads. Collect and play them all!
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    Meet the Stars of Rainbow High

  • Ruby Anderson
    Ruby Anderson

    Casual. Trendy. Fire.

  • Poppy Rowan
    Poppy Rowan

    Fresh. Cool. Butterfly.

  • Sunny Madison
    Sunny Madison

    Happy. Quirky. Cute.

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter

    Sporty. Edgy. Original.

  • Skylar Bradshaw
    Skylar Bradshaw

    Classic. Denim. Sweet.

  • Violet Willow
    Violet Willow

    Glamour. Luxe. Drama.