Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets Lil' Bird & Bird Cage

Little Live Pets Lil' Birds are the sweetest birds you'll ever meet! These adorable little birds with big beautiful eyes and magical light up wings, come to life in your hands as you pet and interact with them

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  • Product Description

    They really react to your touch! The more you pet, the happier your Lil' Bird will get! They will chirp and tweet for longer and eventually whistle a tune for you! Lil' Birds love to chat and repeat what you say! Press the Lil' Bird's talk button on its chest and say your message. Your Lil' Bird will repeat what you say! These colorful toy birds will brighten your day with over 20 bird sounds to sing!

    This Lil' Bird lives in her own adorable Bird Cage! The Bird Cage can sit on its stand or hang from its hook. Lil' Birds love to play and live in the Bird Cage! Each Lil' Bird has decorations and features on their wings and faces that relate to a certain theme. Collect them all to form your own fabulous flock!

  • Features
    • RECORDS & REPEATS: Lil' birds can record your voice and repeat back what you say in their sweet, chirpy voice.
    • REACTS TO YOUR TOUCH: Lil' birds love to be pet! The more you pet them the more they will sing and brighten your day with their beautiful sounds.
    • 20+ SOUNDS: Lil' birds can make over 20 different bird sounds! From whistles and tweets to the cutest chirpy sayings!
    • LIGHT UP WINGS: Lil' birds have sparkly light up wings, inspired by unique themes!
    • LIL BIRD & CAGE: Say hello to Polly Pearl!
    • Collect all of the lil' birds to form your own fabulous flock!
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