Godzilla x Kong 15cm Monster Basic Figure Assortment

Bring the action home with the Godzilla x Kong 15cm figure with intricate details that capture their movie look.

RRP $28.99

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  • Product Description

    Return to Hollow Earth with Godzilla and Kong in an all-new adventure! When a colossal threat is discovered within our world, Godzilla and Kong must fight to protect their existence and our own. The Godzilla x Kong 15cm figures bring a dangerous new foe to your collection, with epic new details that capture its movie look. 

    Choose from a wide range of characters, including old allies, dangerous foes, and new challengers to recreate epic battles and awesome new adventures! Build your very own MonsterVerse

  • Features
    • Standing at 15cm tall, The Godzilla x Kong figure is ready to reign over any display or play setting.
    • Multiple points of articulation, intricate design and realistic elements
    • Recreate your favourite scenes from the epic battles. 
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