Meet a little kitten that loves to be loved.  Your Dream Kitten moves, feels and responds just like a real kitten. With a pat of the back or a touch of the cheek, this little kitten behaves in different ways! Fully interactive,it is the “Purrrfect” pet that can’t wait to come home with you!  

Hi! I'm Snuggles, your Dream Puppy! I move and feel just like a real puppy. Hold me in your arms and give me a hug. You wont be able to resist my big brown eyes. Feed me with my bottle and I'll fall asleep in your arms and dream about you! I'm looking for someone just like you to be my best friend. I even come with an adoption certificate for you to fill in make me your own!

They’re smart, small and love to explore!
Lil’ Ladybugs are tiny take-anywhere powered friends who love to buzz around and follow their Vine Track along the ground. Lay out their vine on the ground and watch them follow it! Super colorful, each Ladybug has it's own specially designed wings to show their personality. There are 12 different ladybugs including rare ones! Collect them all and build up your bug family!  

Your Own Pet Bird that Sings, Tweets and Repeats!



Little Live Pets Bird is the cool pet friend that moves, feels, sounds and acts so REAL! Your pet bird makes 30 real bird noises and will listen and talk back to you. Take them home and make them your own. Everybody will love Little Live Pets!