Booyakasha! Check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gang! Spawned from a lab experiment gone awry, teenage terrapins Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael live in the sewers beneath New York. These justice-loving, pizza-eating brothers can't stand idly by while evil Shredder and his minions terrorize the city. Get the whole gang together and spend your days fighting crime justice now!




TMNT Micro Mutant Playset 
You may need a magnifying glass to see these micro-mutant Turtles, but their ninja skills and Turtle Power are still mighty enough to face off against their small-scale foes! Each of the Pet Turtles open to reveal a micro Ninja Turtle world to discover! 2 in 1 Pet Turtle opens to reveal an entire Raphael Roof Top themed micro playset! 



My name's Leo and I've got 3 rowdy brothers who always give me a hard time, but I keep them in line....usually


Call me Mikey. I'm definitely the funnest of all my brothers. I love video games, skateboarding, pranking the other guys and duh, pizza!


I'm Raph. If there's a brawl, count me in. Leo loves to plan, but me? I'd rather fight first and ask questions later.


Donnie here. I'm the brains of this outfit, so I invent gadget, weapons and awesome vehicles to keep me and my brothers safe.

 Play TMNT Mutation Station!Jump right into the lab and create your very own mutants! Put them to the test by completing a variety of different challenges. Earn points to continue to upgrade your mutants and make them as awesome as possible!

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