It's party time!

                                                                   All new Hatchimals from Fabula Forest are here – and they’re bringing the party! Straight from Fabula Forest, Tigrette & Puffatoo have super soft stripey fur and shiny metallic ears! These funky friends come with brand new music and games and love to party!




The totally NEW Hatchimals Surprise!

Hatchimals Surprise are finally here and they have an unEGG-spected treat in store for you! For the first time ever, you can hatch TWO adorable Hatchimals! These loveable twins are hidden inside a magical speckled egg.

Your twins will talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, play games and more! These Hatchimals love to interact with each other! They’ll say “I love you” and, like any siblings, they’ll even bicker!