Treasure X

Treasure X Dino Gold Mini Dino Single Pack

Treasure X Dino Gold is back with more awesome Mini Dinos to discover and more new Treasures to find! Get ready for eight more Levels of Adventure. The classic Treasure X unboxing dig experience has a new stone block compound to scoop out and break apart!

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  • Product Description

    Find your Digging Tool, excavate and rescue new Mini Dinos and a whole different collection of Treasures! Will you find REAL Gold Dipped Treasure? There are 12 new Mini Dinos to find and collect, including 6 Collector's Edition Mini Dinos. Look out for the All-Gold Dinos.

    Each Mini Dino Action Figure has a touch of bling. Search for seven different Treasures in the form of mysterious prehistoric bugs! Will you be lucky enough to discover the Gold Treasure?

    There is a one in 24 chance of finding Real Gold Dipped Treasure. Kids will love this pre-historic unboxing adventure toy as they search and dig for Treasure from long ago!

  • Features
    Includes 1 x Dino Character 1 x Map/Collectors Guide 1 x Rock 1 x Tool 1 x Treasure
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