Miraculous Kwami Miracle Box Collectable

Miraculous Miracle Box Kwami Surprise - Blind Box - One of 6 Characters (Wayzz, Tikki, Trixx, Plagg, Pollen, Nooroo) - Which Kwami Power Will you unbox? Each surprise box contains a Kwami with his Miraculous. There are 8 Kwami collectible figures to collect.

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RRP $9.99

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  • Product Description
    Find your kwami with these Miraculous Ladybug Kwami Surprise mini figures! Each figure comes packaged in it's own mystery box so you'll never know what you're going to get next! 6 different Kwami to collect: Wayzz, Tikki, Trixx, Plagg, Pollen, and Nooroo. Packages are chosen at random.
  • Features
    • Mystery box
    • 6 characters to collect 
    • Mini figures 
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