Disney Wish

Disney's Wish Valentino Magical Moving & Talking Doll

Grant Valentino the ability to speak with Magical Moving & Talking Disney’s Valentino. Recreate the magical moment in the Disney animated movie Wish when Star makes Valentino’s wish come true. Pet Valentino on the head or back and Asha’s playful friend will respond with “baaah”.

Experience the magic come alive when you bring Star up to Valentino’s cheek and Valentino’s wish comes true! Feed Valentino a carrot or yarn and he’ll say more phrases and he even moves, too.

  • Product Description

    Recreate the magical moment Star grants Valentino’s wish just like in Disney’s new film Wish! Magical Moving & Talking Valentino allows you to experience the magic from Disney’s Wish over & over! This officially licensed Disney product is inspired by Valentino from Disney’s Wish & talks and moves just like the character from the film!

    Valentino makes 20+ sounds & movements. Hear Valentino say one of his signature comedic phrases as his head & mouth moves, eyes blink & tail wags!

  • Features

    Hear Valentino "Baah" by petting his head or back

    Hold Star to Valentino's cheek & watch as Valentino magically comes to life

    Valentino makes 20+ sounds & movements, including signature comedic phrases from the film

    Use the included carrot to give Valentino a snack

    Film authentic accessories, including a ball of yarn

    2 Modes of play; "goat" or "talking" mode for continued fun

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