Pop Soft Plush
Pop Soft is the new collectible plush that you’ll go wild over! Each character has fantastic, vibrant, and whimsical designs which make them super fun and fashion-forward. And they’re filled with love, beans, and fluff (that’s a technical term) so they’re ultra-soft! Pop Art Soft makes great cuddle buddies, travel companions, and study pals. With three different sizes and unique colourful designs, there’s a perfect Pop Art Soft plush friend for everyone to love!


  • Pop Soft Turtles
    Pop Soft Turtles

    Get your fins on these sea-sational Sea Turtles! Every turtle has vibrant and funky designs. These adorable beans will be swimming their way into your hearts!

  • Pop Soft Elephants
    Pop Soft Elephants

    The Latest Pop Art Soft Elephant Plush are here to add some fun to your life! Get your hands on the cutest and most colourful plush ever!