From their hidden island base in the South Pacific, the five Tracy brothers pilot remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird crafts from the depths of the oceans to space - all for one reason: to help others in need.


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Jump into the world of Thunderbirds Are Go! and recreate your own International Rescue adventures with this amazing Tracy Island Playset.
Based on the top secret headquarters’, Tracy Island uses the latest in smart technology allowing the vehicles to interact with the island. Put on the International Rescue communicator and take command of your Thunderbird craft. Tracy Island is packed with over 50 actions, lights and sounds.

First Response Craft

PILOT: Scott Tracy
A sleek, hypersonic rocket plane used for fast response, rescue zone reconnaissance and as a mobile control base.

Auxiliary Equipment Transporter

PILOT: Virgil Tracy
International Rescue's heavy-duty transporter aircraft which carries rescue equipment to the danger zone.

Space Rescue Vehicle

PILOT: Alan Tracy
Often used for space rescue and the maintenance of Thunderbird 5.




An evil mastermind is trying to take over the world... And only you can stop him! Join International Rescue on an amazing adventure full of action, hi-tech gadgets and the mighty Thunderbird vehicles. The Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush App is available now for iOS and Android devices.