Transform your 2D drawings into 3D creations with I Do 3D! Build incredible 3D designs and create amazing multi-colour 3D masterpieces! Draw, set and connect using the UV light included. Design like a pro with the 3D templates and accessories included, or let your imagination run free.

Click on an image below to download the 3D building instructions. Print it out and use it as a template to build awesome 3D creations!! We'd love to see what you make so share it with us on Instagram using #planetfunnz


Trace artwork using the Clear sheet.

Draw short sections of artwork and hit with light to keep the finest detail. 

Use your IDO3D© Spotlight to cure your artwork for 30 seconds.

The closer you hold the IDO3D© Spotlight to your artwork the quicker it will dry.

You can cure artwork from both sides of the tracing sheet.

Trace over the top of your artwork to add thickness and strength.

IDO3D© ink self-levels and spreads if you allow it to sit before curing. You can fill in large sections of artwork by allowing the ink to spread.

Sticky residue can be easily removed from hands by using hand sanitiser.

For more help click here or watch the videos below.