Summer has never been this fun! Recycle your used soft drink bottles by filling with water and attaching to the Wazooka. Use a 500ml bottle for a light ammo option or a 2 litre bottle for maximum spray time. Simply screw it in watertight – it locks and loads with most soft drink bottles.

Locks and loads with most soft drink bottles
Pump action for max firepower
Shoots an amazing 10 metres
Excellent value and great safe fun for everyone
4 super cool colours to choose from

The pump action spray system gives maximum firepower. Spray your friends from up to 10 metres away!

Team up with more colours! There are 4 super cool Wazooka colours to choose from – cool blue, lumo green, lumo orange and lumo yellow. Team up in colour groups for spray time fun this summer!

Just fill and refill your empty soft drink bottles with cool, clean water for great, safe fun for everyone.

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