For millennia, the evil Galra Empire has plagued the universe by conquering planets and enslaving other species. The only known threat to the Empire's power and plans was Voltron, a 100-meters tall warrior composed of five robotic lions, whose pilots were known as the Paladins. When the war reached a critical point, Voltron was disassembled and his lions sent to different secret locations to keep them safe from Galra’s emperor.
Now, five unsuspecting teenagers from Earth have discovered the Blue Lion, and have been transported into the middle of this intergalactic war. Only by mastering their skills and forging themselves into a team can they unite their lions—the Blue, Red, Black, Green and Yellow—and once again form the legendary defender, Voltron!

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 The Red Lion is the fastest of the lions! It matches the fiery temper of its pilot, Keith.  Yellow Lion is the most dependable lion and able to take the most abuse.  The Blue Lion has incredible powers to operate in water. It's is also the friendliest of the lions  The Green Lion has stealth capabilities and uses a cloaking device!   The Black Lion is a smart fighter, seeming to stay one step ahead of any attacker. 


Check out the instructional video on how to combine all 5 Lions to form the 40 centimeter ultimate Voltron!