It's Never Been Sew Easy!

Sew Cool is the revolutionary threadless machine that is the perfect first time sewing experience for anyone aged 6+


It's safe and easy to use. Just turn it on, push the button and start creating cute stuffed characters, purses, pouches, pencil cases and whatever else you can come up with!



If you're having some trouble with your Sew Cool Machine, why not try out some of these tips!


The light flickers on and off!
The light flickers when the battery is low. It's time to replace them!

Can I use any other type of fabric?
No, you can only use Sew Cool fabric with the Sew Cool Machine

Fabric has jammed in the machine! What do I do?
Turn the machine off using the switch on the back and raise the needle using the manual wheel. Remove the fabric and then turn the machine back on.

Can I use more than 2 sheets of fabric at a time?
No! Only 2 sheets of fabric can be sewn at a time, unless otherwise specified in an instruction sheet.


My seam isn't strong enough!

Go back over your stitch lines to make them stronger or to remove any holes.

Wrap Around Clutch

Tote Bag with Pockets

Book Cover