Qixels have gone 3D!  Now they can stand-alone.  Build them up and build them out and start building a 3D Qixel World!  Build up your design and blast them together with water! When they dry, they stay and you’re ready to play! Heaps of cool themes to choose from. Come join the 3D adventure!


               Bring your own retro 8-bit characters to life!

It's easy to create your own Qixels world! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Pick a template (or use your own creation)

2. Place the coloured cubes together

3. Spray with water and let the magic happen as the cubes fuse together!

4. Allow to dry

5. Play and Display however you like!                 

Use the included design templates or make your own unique creations!


Spray your design with water and fuse the cubes!


With no heat, no glue and no mess, your Qixels creation is ready for action!

Think you're a Qixels master? Well, you can't just talk the talk, you need to show us! Simply upload an image of your Qixels creation to any social platform and use the hashtag #planetfunnz and yours might be featured here!
Get creating Qixels lovers!