Meet Jaxie, one of the all new Puppy Surprise Mummies! There are 4 new Puppy Surprise Mummies and they all come with 3,4 or 5 puppies - one of which makes cute puppy noises! Puppy Surprise is definitely a 'Hot Toy' and perfect for anyone who loves puppies! Although if you're more of a cat person don't worry, there are all new Kitty Surprise Mummies to collect too!

Surprise your little one with Kitty Surprise, a soft, huggable momma carrying a litter of three, four or even five kittens. Your little one will love discovering how many kitties are inside and caring for each one with Kitty Surprise!

Back and better than ever, the new Puppy Surprise line has four brand new families for you to love, groom and nurture! The soft and huggable Mums are Zoey, Sugar, Popcorn and Caramel - and each one could have three, four or even five cute little puppies inside!

Meet Caramel! She is so much fun and full of energy! With her colourful hair and beautiful coat, she is truly unique and super stylish. Caramel enjoys being by your side on all of your adventures. She loves going for walks at the park, hanging out with you, and taking care of her puppies. She is eager for you to take her home to play with and love!